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Nano silver

Nano silver 

NaSiSol ™ - the only form of colloidal nanosilver on the world market, which does not contain stabilizers product for indoor use.
The uniqueness of the process patented by us in all countries of the Madrid Agreement and passing the registration procedure in the United States and the European Union, is that the particles of metallic silver ultrasmall sizes (below 10 nm) are in the colloidal state (sol state) without using stabilizers, showing larger repeatedly biological activity in comparison with competitors.
This fact allowed to enter the international market of substances and NaSiSol now available for industrial use in England, India, Pakistan, the Netherlands. Right retail distribution of the product to 1 March 2015 is fixed exclusively for Perfect Organics.


Due to strong antibacterial, antifungal and even anti-viral properties NaSiSol is used for wound and skin sterilization, production of wound dressing materials and bandages, for express sterilization of hands, surfaces and materials. The key property of NaSiSol is that no resistance is developed by microorganisms to the sterilizing action of nanosilver.  Contact us for more data and offer.



NaSiSol has many applications in cosmetics, and especially medical cosmetics. Prevention of infection and inflammation development, along with the inability of bacteria to form a resistance to nanosilver makes it highly useful in many topical creams and lotion, and even eye drops. Please see a list of already successfully marketed products or contact us.

Nanocrystalline technology appears to give the highest, sustained release of silver to a wound without clear risk of toxicity


Over the last years it becomes clear that many problems related to old colloidal silver, from  poor stability to toxicity, are gone with the appearance of Nanosilver. Not only it is superior in "classic"  uses such as an antibacterial agent

Moreover, the smaller are the particles, the better is Nanosilver, which allows us to claim that NaSiSol is, probably, the best available currently on the market. Here we present some of the latest publications suggesting new applications for Nanosilver.

For fighting infections:

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For wound dressing and care:

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​In dermatology:​

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This study demonstrates that nanocrystalline silver inhibits allergic contact dermatitis in mice, similar to steroid and tacrolimusNanocrystalline silver suppresses the expression of TNF-alpha and IL-12 and induces apoptosis of inflammatory cells; mechanisms by which nanocrystalline silver may exert its anti-inflammatory effects.

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For fighting viruses:

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Scanning microscopy of standard NASISOL preparation (photo) illustrates low heterogeneity in particles by size, and their small dimensions. No particle aggregation is observed (a). This is confirmed by analysis of NASISOL preparation in nanoscanner (graphs) showing small particle size and low size dispersion of the particles in NASISOL (red) in comparison to competitor’s preparation (black). Note that size scale is logarithmic.



  • NaSiSol is a technologically novel and advanced preparation of colloidal silver, created with patent pending technology, with a maximal size of particles of 10 nm and average (98%) of 2 to 5 nm. Technology allows even further standardize the size (i.e. to 2 nm only) when it is critical for a particular application.
    •  NaSiSol is a colloidal silver solution that does not contain any stabilizers (proteins, surfactants, detergents, polymers), as well as conservatives, colorants or other metal contaminations
    •  NaSiSol does not precipitate during storage, can be stored for a long time, easily transported, does not precipitate to the walls of storage vessels
    •  NaSiSol  is not photoreactive, does not precipitate when applied to the skin, mucosa, and other tissues: it does not produce black stained spots on skin and other surfaces.
    • Due to the small size NaSiSol has superior penetration properties, and can be used to fight intracellular infections.
    • At working concentrations NaSiSol does not affect normal animal cells or mitochondria
    • NaSiSol can be frozen, autoclaved, boiled without changing its properties
    • NaSiSol has high anti-bacterial activity at low silver concentrations as confirmed by standard microbiological tests; it is superior to any other colloidal silver by both efficacy and antibacterial spectrum
    • NaSiSol  is effectively biodegradable, clears from the body
    •  NaSiSol  is Hypoallergenic

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