Perfect Organics
а new best business project

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About the earning potential in the company, presents and rest.

Perfect Organics is a company which pays you for your purchases. If  you buy for yourself, for personal use or sale, the company thanks you and pays you back a certain percent- it can be 10 or 30 % of the amount of purchases to a personal account as a  bonus or salary on the next day after the purchasing.

          As we know the company has several groups of products, i.e. all the assortment is divided into these groups: directional goods, eating products, cosmetics, perfumery, household chemicals, etc. 
You will be informed about the trade turnovers in your private offices in real time. 
To get bonuses from each group you should  make a personal purchase from this group. Each product has its value in points. 

100% points are paid to the network. 54% to all 9 levels and the rest  is paid  in the form of travelling programs, best sellers promotions, AutoPrograms and other very interesting  payments. 
What is a point of the company? A point, a bonus point is a standard unit of measurement of the performed marketing plan amount.

 You can see the point value in a special chart. The point value depends on the expenses on production, raw materials and other factors. If we want to make an expensive product affordable for people, we will consequently reduce the point value.

Becoming a partner of the company you can choose a role of a client  or a fellow campaigner or, as we can say, an information sponsor, a tutor or  a referral.

Who is a client? A client is a partner of the company who has made a personal purchaseof less than 1500 points, and thus he already has the right to get a 10% return on the cash value of the product to his personal account.

As soon as you’ve made a purchase for 1500 points within a month you have the  right to get a 30% return on the cash value to the personal account or have the right to get % from the amount.

It should be pointed out that your sponsor gets 30% point value from your first purchase. And you consequently get 30% from the first purchases of  the people you have invited to participate in this project. Here the concept of first purchase point is introduced.

If we consider the marketing plan more globally we know that we’ll be able to gain from 9 levels -10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. But at a certain  level you also will be able to get extra 16% from the whole structure.

How do you get this product? You’ve got several options. You can buy everything at the warehouse  in your town  or online store for home delivery.

And if you don’t know whether there is a company warehouse in your town or nearby regions you can find it out on the page in your private office.

Now it’s become easier to inform and invite to the company. You’ll do it not only at a meeting but virtually too by sending out an information ref to your acquaintances.

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