Perfect Organics
а new best business project

Perfect Organics

Perfect Organics - а new best business project


Larissa Yermakova
Larisa ErmakovaHello. I’m very glad to welcome those who decided to visit the information site. My name is Larissa Yermakova. I’d like to apologize in advance for the mistakes I can possibly make. But still I hope you will understand me and what we’re going to speak about correctly.
This page has been specially made for my present and potential partners . I give them my best regards and hope we will successfully collaborate in future. They are from Europe, India, Iran, Turkey, Ukraine and other countries. You can see the full list of my foreign partners and leaders in the section Partners on the site   

Sergey PolumienkoIf you’d like to represent the company in the city you live in you can send us an email to  for Sergey Polumienko. He is in charge of the international partnership, and is also a well-known mass-media entrepreneur and politician in our region.

To do this, click on the links and fill in forms:

Sergey Polumienko